As part of our ongoing commitment to improving all aspects of work at height and height safety T&I Solutions are please to offer a range of protection and inspection levels deigned to meet the needs any building owner or property management team. By combining all aspects of safety as height inspection into a number of easy to understand contracts T&I Solutions inspection contracts can often save hundred of pounds a year.

Bronze Level Protection:

  • Eyebolt inspection
  • Fall Arrest system inspection
  • Ladder inspection
  • Gantry inspection
  • Inspection of any work at height equipment

Silver Level Protection:

All the bronze level services, plus:
  • Roof structure survey

Gold Level Protection:

All the bronze and silver level services, plus:

  • Lightening Protection

Platinum Level Protection:

All the bronze, silver and gold level services, plus:

  • Gutter Cleaning


Any roof type or safety system can be inspected and, with our platinum package, any building can have complete height and roof security