fall arrest SYSTEMS

Where a passive protection system is not suitable we are happy to offer a TailorMade wire based fall arrest solution with either top fix or traditional posts, made to suit most roof applications and structures. When used in conjunction with the correct training and PPE a horizontal safety line system gives safe and reliable access to almost any area on a roof. Please note: all fall arrest system should be inspected annually by a trained person.

Configuration Options:

  • Complies fully with BS EN 795
  • Complies fully with BS 353-1
  • Fully CE Marked
  • Ideal for use with the T&I walkway systems
  • Can be fitted to most roof structures
  • Can be used with most harness systems
  • Requires annual inspection
  • Available galvanised or stainless steel posts
  • All required training can be supplied
  • All PPE required can be supplied

Most roof structures and configurations can be accessed

Top-fix posts design available to fit most roof structures and finishes

Traditional posts made to measure for sedum or more complex roof structures

Fall arrest systems available to most roof angles or design limitations