Where frequent access is required to a roof area, or where materials are to be carried to a raised area a staircase is the only option that complies fully with the Work at Height Recommendations and BS5395: Part 3. As such it provides the safest and most complete access solution for height access; it is available designed to specifically meet any site conditions or locations or as a ReadyMade Solution with on-site flexibility built in.

Configuration Options:

  • Designed to meet the recommendations of BS5395: Part 3
  • Open mesh GRP treads available in yellow or grey as standard (other colours available)
  • Open mesh Alloy treads
  • Open mesh Steel treads
  • Solid alloy tread plate treads
  • Handrail, midrail and to one or both sides

All aluminium stair with 9m span

Aluminium Stair Unit with platform and GRP treads

Stair Unit integrated with walkway system to provide access between roofs