step over units

Wherever transit is required over ducting, parapet walls, conduit or any roof obstruction a step over unit, freestanding or fixed to the ground, is the safest access available. Complying with the Work at Height Regulations and, where applicable, BS5395: Part 3 step over units give flexible access over a range of widths and heights while keeping the operative safe and enclosed in handrail at all times.

Step Over Configurations:

  • Open mesh GRP decking
  • Open mesh Alloy decking
  • Open mesh steel decking
  • Solid alloy tread plate decking
  • Handrail, midrail and toeboards to one or both sides where required
  • Can be supplied in standard 'kit' form or can be fabricated to suit any site situation

Site installation on a simple pipe step-over

Aluminium and GRP deck step over unit