fixed ladder accessories

Designed Specifically to supplement T&I Solutions ReadyMade range of fixed access products, these accessories can be used to enhance security, safety or usability of almost any of our Readymade Products 

  Parapet Platform

Protects the parapet from damage and allows operative safe access and egress over parapet. A parapet platform should be used wherever a parapet feature is present Maximum dimensions 1m (parapet width) x 1.5m (Parapet height)

  Removable Ladder Section

Ladder finishes 2.5m (nom) above ground level and a second ladder is hooked over the lower rung, this second ladder can be stored separately from the fixed ladder section. Hook on section can be supplied as a single section or double extension ladder

  Extendible Safety Post
Clamped to the rung or stile section this retractable safety post gives a secure handhold as the user exits the ladder. This product is ideal where hatch access is required or access/egress to the ladder is restricted.
 Retractable Ladder Section   

Lower 2.5m (nom) of ladder can be pushed up and will automatically lock into place. Operation can be via a pole or rope and pulley operation