The T&I Solutions Walkway Range is designed following the recommendations of BS5395: Part3. The modular construction combined with lightweight materials provide a cost effective solution to meet the majority of access requirements. Suitable for use as almost any access from simple demarcation to use as a bridging unit or gantry the T&I Solutions walkway range is a truly flexible access product.

Each walkway is custom designed and can incorporate a combination of materials to provide a long lasting, aesthetically pleasing access system.

Walkway Configuration Options:

  • Open mesh GRP decking
  • Open mesh Alloy decking
  • Solid alloy tread plate decking
  • Handrail, midrail and toeboards to one or both sides
  • Tracked walkway system with mobile handrail unit to eliminate fixed guard rails
  • Walkway/fall arrest system combinations

Alloy framed walkway with GRP decking fitted to standing seam roof panels.

Alloy framed walkway fitted with solid alloy 5 bar tread plate decking removable for cleaning.

Alloy framed walkway fitted with open mesh alloy panels removable for gutter cleaning.

Alloy framed walkway with GRP decking fitted to inclined asbestos sheeting.