Terms & Conditions


Where installation is required our standard installation terms and conditions are as follows:

  • Prices are valid for 3 months from date of quotation
  • Nett 30 days subject to arrangement of account or Pro-Forma


  • 3-4 Weeks from receipt of written order and/or approval of working drawings
  • In the event of any delays in accepting approval drawings we reserve the right revise delivery times
  • These deliveries are based on current lead times and should be confirmed at time of order
  • Delivery to be executed Mon-Fri during normal daylight hours
  • Delivery to an agreed, ground level location

This offer is subject to the provision of the following to us free of charge on site:
  • Welfare and toilet facilities
  • Free and uninterrupted use of power (110/240V); points to be located within 10m of the working area
  • Where necessary, access to our work by means of independent scaffold/aluminium tower/platform/other suitable access means
  • Where necessary hoisting/lift facilities of sufficient size for components
  • Continuous and uninterrupted access to working area for personnel and equipment
  • A safe working environment being provided with working areas meeting statutory safe working requirements

Sundry Charges
  • Waiting time beyond our control will be charged at £32.00/man hour
  • Abortive visits due to reasons beyond our control will be charged

Additional Notes
  • We have allowed for continuous working over a week/day period
  • Where our price is based on the drawings and details provided by yourselves, should the structure differ/alter once on site we reserve the right to re-quote accordingly
  • Where applicable a risk assessment and method statement will be provided prior to commencement of works
  • Installation to be executed Mon-Fri during normal daylight hours
  • Where installation involves breaking into existing weatherproofed surfaces, weathering and making good is specifically excluded.